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Educate Girls How the Metaverse Offers Entrepreneurship Opportunities

Mentor Girls To Form Business Teams for Collaborative Innovation

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Girls Offered Global STEAM Entrepreneurship & Leadership Using Immersive Technology

The Metaverse is opening doors for more people to work and play in virtual worlds. And within this parallel digital universe, we're already starting to see virtual reality mirror actual reality in more ways than one—most notably with a lack of equality.

We know that with the exploration of an exciting new world comes great responsibility. And in that truth lies the possibility of creating a more accessible and equitable existence. So how can we leave the inequities of the real world out of the virtual world? The answer, in part, is by getting more girls and women into STEAM, to help us bridge the digital divide.

Using project-based learning,Girls STEAM Institute® (GSI) brings small teams of girls together to develop business solutions addressing a global issue, in line with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Over the course of two days, the girls create a plan for a digital application, assign executive roles, develop a company, create a business plan complete with SWOT analysis, and put together a presentation. At the end of the second day, the teams pitch their ideas to a panel of judges for feedback on the commercial viability of their projects..

This 8-year program now has attracted girls from other countries who want to be part of a global movement of women's entrepreneurship to solve global problems using immersive technology. The GSI program also offers personal and professional training through its Micro Online Learning Center which provide leadership development that fosters curisosity, empathy and innovation.

This 2023 Campaign is asking for time, talent and treasures from people who see the importance of creating equality in the technology and business world for women and girls to help our world take advantage of the collavorative innovation that can be co-created through women and girls leading to increasing gender equity for women and their families worldwide.